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You may not want to invest a lot of time or energy in maintaining the appearance of your Outer Banks home’s exterior. Repainting, caulking or sealing your home’s exterior every few years can become costly. Outer Banks Remodeling has options that can decrease the time you spend maintaining your home’s exterior, while at the same time improving its appearance and value.

Vinyl – Vinyl siding can enhance the elegance, beauty and energy-efficiency without all the required maintenance that wood, aluminum or asbestos siding demands. It is durable and will not rot, peel or dent, providing you with a maintenance free, cost efficient solution to your siding needs.

Wood – Made primarily of cedar and redwood, wood siding comes in a variety of styles and sizes. There are many great options for siding replacement or for siding installation on a new home. Choose from solid wood boards, shakes, shingles, and panels, all of which are extremely durable and long-lasting products. Be sure to ask about factory-treated products.

Fiber Cement – Fiber cement siding provides a low maintenance option for those who prefer the more traditional appearance of wood siding. Unlike wood siding, fiber cement will resist rotting, cracking, and damage from the elements or impact. It is an excellent choice for homeowners who are concerned with moisture or potential termite damage. It can be installed in a variety of colors options, or it can be installed pre-primed and painted in the future.

Engineered Wood – Engineered wood siding is the perfect option for homeowners that want the natural beauty of solid wood siding, at a lower budget. This product is specifically designed to eliminate natural variations that are found in wood siding, to resist deterioration and to be cost effective for homeowners during and after installation.

Siding Repair

Damage to your siding can cause additional damage to the substrate of the sidewalls on your home, as well as appear unsightly. Outer Banks Remodeling offers siding repair services for those projects that do not require full siding replacement.  Many homeowners may already have vinyl siding, which is a maintenance free product that typically carries a lifetime warranty, so a full replacement may not be necessary.  However, sometimes damage can occur which might require replacement.

Most frequently we are called by homeowners to complete:

  • Siding panel replacement (single or multiple panels)
  • Rotted wood replacement (trim, dentil molding, etc.)
  • Replacement of damaged substrate due to water exposure

If you are looking for a reputable, local Outer Banks siding contractor then your search ends here! We have a fantastic team of siding professionals who have decades of experience installing and repairing siding for homeowners in Northeast North Carolina.

Contact us today for a free siding installation or repair estimate! We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.