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Garages & Sheds

There is one thing you can be assured of with Outer Banks Remodeling…….we do not prefabricate!  Every building we construct, whether it be a two story garage or a small garden shed, is completely built on your site. This means that we can build a garage or shed where you want it, not just where a truck can unload it. Also, there is no damage to your property trying to get an oversized truck through your yard to the shed site as there is with prefab shed companies. Because not all sites are flat, it also gives us a better ability to adjust to on site conditions, the ability to build in tight locations, and the ability to customize so that you get the finished product you desire. It also allows us to build your garage or shed to match the design and exterior materials to that of your home. Since we build everything in front of you, you see that nothing is hidden or covered up.  Because each building is built piece by piece rather than prefabbed, all structural connections at corners and seams are done properly and to code. Most people prefer a stick-built home over a prefabricated one and the same principle should apply to your shed or garage.  There is a reason, and that reason is quality!

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