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Outer Banks Window Replacement Done Right the First Time

When it comes to Outer Banks window replacement, it’s safe to say that most homeowners have never tackled a window replacement project. And although it’s true that there are many do-it-double hung tiltyourselfers out there, chances are that going from room to room to assess the energy efficiency and quality of installation of their existing windows isn’t their first task of choice, nor is getting high up on that ladder and working on their exterior windows. Better to leave that to the professionals at Outer Banks Remodeling!

When we at Outer Banks Remodeling take on a project, we do it right the first time. Outer Banks construction is a competitive industry and shabby work will not cut it. Our expert team handles each job from start to completion, using the proper materials and construction methods to ensure you are completely satisfied with our craftsmanship, and that you are totally delighted with your new replacement windows.

We have the experience to plan for any unexpected issues that may arise. After all, we deal with existing homes and office buildings on a daily basis so we’ve seen it all! At Outer Banks Remodeling we have the experience and motivation to take the extra measures that make a window replacement project air tight and flawless. There are many considerations to consider when it comes to window and door replacement.

Using the Proper Sealants – There is a huge difference between cheap sealant and premium sealant, and that difference is crucial to the long term performance of your windows, the protection from the elements and the energy efficiency they provide.

Tempered Safety Glass Where Needed – Some areas of the home may require tempered safety glass and may be subject to home inspections. As a licensed general contractor, we understand this process completely.

Window Cladding – Sometimes specialized trim work is necessary on the window exterior. When neccessary, we wrap older wood trim exteriors with an aluminum trim coated with a permanent PVC coating. This is known as cladding, and when not done correctly it can allow for wood rot. At Outer banks Remodeling we do it correctly!

Proper Mitering of Corners – It’s the details in our work that really makes the difference. Without proper mitering, you have gaps which lead to air drafts, not to mention it’s very unattractive. After all, we want to improve your home’s energy efficiency as well as beautify it!

Job Site Safety – We never cut corners on safety. We always ensure each job site is safe for our workers and your family.

Thorough Clean-Up – When we work in your home, we take the utmost care in protecting your belongings and furnishings. We use drop cloths on all the furnishings, we vacuum thoroughly and always try to leave your home the way we found it. We also make sure your yard is free of all construction debris on a daily basis.

As stated earlier, we understand that most homeowners have simply never undertaken a window replacement project. Unexpected issues can arise, and a lack of experience can lead to a multitude of unforeseen problems. Save yourself some time, money and stress by calling the professional Outer Banks replacement windows and doors specialist. Outer Banks Remodeling takes pride in educating our customers on what to expect before, during, and after their window replacement project on the Outer Banks and northeast North Carolina.

You will improve your home’s look, market value, and your utility bills when you call Outer Banks Remodeling! Call us today at 252-455-4926, we look forward to serving you and making you one of our many satisfied customers!