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Storm Damage

Emergency Services Include:

  • Roof Tarping
  • Temporary Roofing
  • Emergency Board-Up


We are licensed and insured in North Carolina. Our Emergency Response Team is skilled and equipped to address damages to residential and commercial properties.

The damage incurred during a storm or hurricane on the Outer Banks and in Eastern North Carolina can be devastating, particularly if your roof has been affected.  Fallen trees, windblown shingles, wind-driven debris and damaged gutters are just a few of the problems that many homeowners face during or after a storm has passed.  Even minor damage to your roof can cause extensive damages to the interior of your home.  Don’t take the risk – no matter how minor the damage appears, you will want an expert to assess and prevent additional damages.

Once we have completed the emergency services we will conduct a Damage Assessment and assist you with submitting a claim to your insurance company.  This will include a full written report detailing the extent of both the damage to the home/property and the emergency service performed.  After submitting the claim to your insurance company we will work with the insurance adjuster to settle the claim.  At that point we will begin the restoration process in an effort to repair or reconstruct any significant damages that your home has sustained.

Beware of “Storm Chasers”

Following a storm event, your neighborhood can be flooded by “storm chasers.” These out-of-area “contractors” rush into a damaged area to try and take advantage of vulnerable homeowners. They offer quick repairs at low prices, but then disappear with your up-front payment. Don’t be fooled by these traveling thieves!

When dealing with the effects of a storm disaster, it’s important that you choose an experienced local contractor like Outer Banks remodeling. We have the resources and reputation you need to be assured that your repairs will be done properly and on time.

Our goal is to make the experience of Outer Banks storm damage and Outer Banks restoration as simple and pain-free as possible.  Our quick response time allows us to solve your storm damage problems and start working with your insurance company as swiftly as possible, so that we can expedite the restoration process for you.

Contact us at 252-455-4926 to speak to someone on our Emergency Response Team.